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A country girl, dreamer & artist, based in Somerset, my adventure with photography started when I was a small girl. I loved time & time again going over family photo’s & became fascinated in the process of depicting the world through wonderful images. Everyone has a story to tell & I see the lens as the tool to narrate it. Ground anew in every story, I have created images that reflect some of these personal moments since owning my very first instant film camera. I remember the fabulous moment of taking my first Polaroid film, waiting for the image to appear as it developed between the palms of my hands or in my coat pocket. This later developed to film work where I created images within the darkroom & at this stage I never really envisaged my passion to become my profession. An explorer, I love the great outdoors & travel – Another perk of being a photographer is being fortunate to constantly view new surroundings as well as meet new people. It is hard to describe the feeling of being inspired…why I love creating. Documenting memories to enjoy, reflect upon & share, my approach to photography is to capture emotive images, the details, the people, the moments that just seamlessly happen, between the temporal & the timeless. My work is inspired by my love for art & so my documenting style is creative as well as natural; what I hope is a beautiful & intimate response. I studied as an Art Photographer for 5 years, & have since embarked on various commissions & personal projects, having exhibited some of these works within the Uk. I am passionate about my style & vision & wholeheartedly feel connected to every set of images that I create. If you like my images & the sound of my approach, I’d love for you to get in touch!