A country girl, dreamer & artist, my adventure with photography started when I was young. I loved time & time again going over family photos, the tactile quality of them & the albums (both storybooks & historical treasures). Simple leather books, where images are delicately preserved, never to become obsolete, lose their style or art form. These images & albums gave me a chance to share some of the happiest memories of my family’s lives & from that moment I became fascinated in depicting the world through wonderful images.

I remember the amazement I felt when taking my first Polaroid film, waiting for the image to appear as it developed between the palms of my hands or in my coat pocket…I was hooked! This developed to film work where I created images within the darkroom & at this stage I never envisaged my passion to become my profession.

It is hard to describe the feeling of being inspired… why I love creating. An explorer, I love the great outdoors & travel. Another perk of being a photographer is being fortunate enough to constantly view new surroundings as well as meet new people, all which influence my inspiration & artistic vision.

When I am not exploring, I am appreciating the beautifully mundane, the creature comforts & simple pleasures of home life; time spent with my little family, friends & the garden!

Everyone has stories to tell, ideas, visions they want to express, communicate & share. For me, I see the camera as the tool to narrate it. I continued to do so studying Fine Art at University, specialising later in a Postgraduate Masters of Photography where I learnt to refine my practice, whilst still pushing myself to explore new boundaries. I have since embarked on various commissions & personal projects, having exhibited some of these works within the Uk.

I am based in Somerset, but undertake work across the Uk and abroad.

Now let’s talk about you…